Military Families.

william威廉希尔 works with families transitioning into or out of Nevada.

Students who are accepted into our program may enroll prior to arriving in Nevada or may remain enrolled for a semester after the family has left for a new posting. Once the military member has received transfer orders, we can help make the transition easier for your students.
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Nevada Learning Academy
The Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD is a tuition-free online public school, providing opportunities for students to engage in online courses to enhance their learning experience. At william威廉希尔 our students benefit from an individualized program tailored to meet their educational goals.

NLVA benefits include:

    • Highly qualified & experienced online teachers in every course
    • A personalized educational plan to meet the student’s goals for graduation and beyond
    • Quality curriculum aligned to Nevada Academic Content Standards
    • Multiple curriculum options to meet the needs of diverse learners
    • Select high school courses available for middle grade students
    • Select dual credit college courses and Advanced Placement (AP) courses available
    • All Teacher-Led core courses in Canvas are NCAA® approved

william威廉希尔 Online Courses

william威廉希尔’s courses follow a traditional academic semester-based calendar and are led by highly-qualified instructors. Students access the course materials online, submit all assignments electronically, and attend weekly teacher-led online activities. Students are supported by teachers and counselors in a variety of ways including: phone, email, live chat, text, or onsite at the william威廉希尔 campus.

Online courses are best for students who:

  • Want to take their entire course online
  • Desire a structured environment with assignment due dates and lesson pacing schedule
  • Want interactive mentoring and instruction
  • Benefit from increased instruction, monitoring, and motivation
  • Like the traditional schedule of a semester-based calendar